The Military - Woke - Cultural Marxism III

by   Nicholas de Lioncourt on July 06 2021 20:55 zulu

So why? You have » already seen « the "WHY" in articles about public school "woke" madness, cultural conditioning, and forced implementations of critical race theory!

Again, why has the MILITARY descended into "woke" insanity and critical race theory imbecility?


The answer is: the military applies the criterion "efficient strategy"; the military is not a mess of "woke" insanity and critical race theory imbecility.

The "woke" label is a deception of "minimization" to portray their actions as "ridiculous" and "insane", when their actions are actually treacherous steps in the critical path of one gradual, transformative campaign, steps that cannot be reasonably concealed from the public; and so, must be downplayed to the people as "absurdity" and innocent targets of paranoia.


♦ PREMISE: if an established government, the United States for example, is in a process of indirect and gradual conversion to a competing form of governance, Social Marxism for example; a dire threat to successful transformation is the certainty that a significant segment of the populace - the People - will resist that conversion.


→ PROBLEM - the People's resistance against the competing form of governance will result in civil unrest, violence, defiance through state sovereignty, and insurrection. Military force must then be deployed to subvert or subjugate the People's rebellion.


→ PROBLEM - the current military is a population of patriotic soldiers, who support and fight for the established government. This incurs another threat to the successful implementation of the new government and culture: the high-rate of defections, abandonments, by essential military personnel to join the established government and the People.


✔ SOLUTION - convert the loyalties of military personnel away from the established government into zealous patriotism for their new government and culture. This conversion will be gradual and continuous psychological conditioning in (for example) Cultural Marxism ("woke").


» THE RESULT: once deployed, military personnel will fight for the new form of government and culture, and against the established government and the People.


That is the Occam's razor explanation for why the military is "going woke".


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