Canadian fraud hacker Aubrey Kirtaner Cottle - a Joke

by   Nicholas de Lioncourt on February 17 2022 11:45 zulu

Canadian 'hacker' Aubrey Cottle, "Kirtaner", who claims to be a 'leet h@x0r who doxxed innocent donators' PII by stealing GiveSendGo Data:


Notwithstanding political or philosophical disagreements, in my professional career as a coder and architect I have never violated others' trust and privacy, never once violated my principals and skills.

You, Aubrey Cottle, on the other, have neither skills nor principals. You are a spasmodic fraud with an epicene voice, whose existence should have begun and ended in your father's 'secret sock'.

The visual purgative Aubrey Cottle

Read on...

You assert to fear nothing, yet I see you - oh yes, I see you - you are nothing to me. You would wither against me. You are alone. You have no one. You have nothing. You are the embodiment of insecurity, a mind of mindlessness, diseased with talentless vacuity and banal incompetence - all within that hideous and risible façade you see reflected in the bathroom mirror.

The mere sight of you is forced visual anal, your voice an aural emetic. Fraud. You are a cuckold fraud, and deep within, small and insignificant. A small mind over-compensating for a smaller thyrsus.


You are of no significance to me, of less to anyone else; yet I have enjoyed exposing you as a joke your mother took nine-months to tell.


Suffer, Reader, to look upon a beta-'male', who has probably worn the palm-print off his so lonely, self-amorous hand!

The visual purgative Aubrey Cottle
(hair provided by Miss Clarol's 'Neon Clown' line of hair care products)


Aubrey, I see your workstation set-up - what third-hand store donated that old POS to you? I had a better system in 1997. You must have bought some of my old equipment donated over 22-years ago... if so, you can keep those photos of your mom.


Aubrey Cottle - when your body produces no androgens

Aubrey Cottle: when a 'male' body produces no androgens... how is your 'wife'... oooooo, too soon? At least the innocent victims you doxxed still have their WIVES and CHILDREN.

Well, you still have your friction-worn palm, and at least that cannot leave you, so... that is something.


With my ill-will and two middle fingers. va te faire niquer, bête enculé, oder, fickst du dich selbst, Fotze.

- Nicholas


UPDATE - Oh look! The coward is now hiding! Poor cat (I am a cat person; so, please kitty, at the first open door, run).

Aubrey Cottle - when a male body produces no androgens


UPDATE - Further evidence of this fraud: despite his claims to be an elite hacker in-demand with INTERPOL and governments, Aubrey Cottle does not have the meager funds (as of this writing only $2,600 CAD raised since July 2021) to fight his ex-wife's wise decision to forbid access to their son.


For all his bragging, Aubrey Cottle needs to resort to begging for money on GoFundMe. Not much of a success, eh.


As an ACTUAL elite coder, I have always been and continue to be paid QUITE WELL.


After the videos you posted, Aubrey Cottle, no one will allow you near this child



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