Socialism is a form of political demolition

by   Nicholas de Lioncourt on June 20 2021 02:06 zulu

Socialism is a form of political demolition, tearing down priceless monuments to make room for urine-stained parking lots. - LNDL


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subordinate to the rights of vermin

by   Nicholas de Lioncourt on June 18 2021 01:21 zulu

An excerpt from "a project" I am writing:

"... After all, the universal rights of self-preservation and preservation of others, notwithstanding fatality, are guaranteed to all living things from the moment of birth. If even the common rat and cockroach may invoke these natural rights without justification, approval, or judgement; then a free man, who is his own property, may as well. If not, the man is a tool possessed, neither free nor owner of himself. He lives subordinate to the rights of vermin..."



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What is government

by   Nicholas de Lioncourt on June 11 2021 07:44 zulu

What is government - the mob also promises protection for compliance, and punishment for defiance - but unlike the mob, the state is a criminal organization with a military…

And no accountability for murdering you.



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by   Nicholas de Lioncourt on June 11 2021 03:38 zulu

I abhor the concept of GLOBALISM, MULTI-CULTURALISM; yet not out of biases - no - rather - the ambitions of multi-culturalism would result in a homogeneity of human philosophy and innovation - how tragic and potentially species-ending would be those losses - since the variate, often diametric, perspectives of dissimilar cultures are the geneses of advancements that contrasting cultures would not have made, and contrariwise.

Even worse, such global homogeneity extinguishes all development of coexistent cultures, and prohibits the formation of new cultures; creating a collective intolerance of differences. That is to write, a universal acceptance of democide to preserve the uniculture for the global good.