My favorite music groups vs Millennials and Gen Z

by   Nicholas de Lioncourt on August 29 2022 11:07 zulu

When I am either writing, coding, or working on one of my myriad projects, I have noticed these are the groups I return to again and again.

Not of sufficient interest to anyone; which, of course, I understand.

Everyone has favorite music bands, and no one cares. I am no different. I am certainly not special - yet - still - I have always thought that the more aligned the music preferences, the more aligned two personalities and the greatest probability for close friendship.

Meaning: I dislike the Beatles and 1960s culture, have no interest in Led Zeppelin, detest Madonna, and suffer headaches from ALL pop (non)musicians favored by the Milennial and Gen Z generations; instead, my Depeche Mode collection is over 200 releases, and I might have the largest assemblage of Visage CDs known...

...so I might not be among the top considerations for an obsess'd fan of classic 1960s music, who might not appreciate my ADMIRATION of Ronan Harris' (gifted) compositional work in VNV Nation (try 'Illusion' beautiful... or 'When is the Future').


The favorite bands of an aging Gen-Xer


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Socialism is a form of political demolition

by   Nicholas de Lioncourt on June 20 2021 02:06 zulu

Socialism is a form of political demolition, tearing down priceless monuments to make room for urine-stained parking lots. - LNDL


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subordinate to the rights of vermin

by   Nicholas de Lioncourt on June 18 2021 01:21 zulu

An excerpt from "a project" I am writing:

"... After all, the universal rights of self-preservation and preservation of others, notwithstanding fatality, are guaranteed to all living things from the moment of birth. If even the common rat and cockroach may invoke these natural rights without justification, approval, or judgement; then a free man, who is his own property, may as well. If not, the man is a tool possessed, neither free nor owner of himself. He lives subordinate to the rights of vermin..."



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For Family Part 3 Updated Photograph Requested

by   Nicholas de Lioncourt on May 23 2021 05:47 zulu

To all who know my age: tiguidou! et ouais, bien sûr, moi, j'continuais à vieillir comme tous les mecs - mais... comment l'écrire... juste un peu plus - plutôt plus que moins - lentement (sourire diabolique).


For Family Part 3: Updated Photograph Requested; so, Noelle provided this one - her criterion was, '... your eyes matched your shirt!' (um, exciting... yeah... just right-click, then 'save as'). As soon as I find a photograph Noelle does not seem to 'hate', I will upload one of her - she looks no different from those in Part II.

Again, only a twisted mind would have requested a 'close-up'; nonetheless, once saved to your PC, please do not zoom into this photograph to see my greying locks and flaws (...& they be many, both that is to write). Certainly, zoom-in and study the image; no filter enhancement or flaw-concealing technique was used. All my pores and epidermal hairlines are there.


As well, 4 out of 5 physicians agree that this photo may be used as a visual emetic - LNDL.

L. Nicholas de Lioncourt 2021-05-11

L. Nicholas de Lioncourt - photo taken by wife on 2021 05 11 (Since then, I have allowed my hair to extend over my shoulders. If you all want to see that - why? - send a message to the usual address.)


reminder: the previous set of photographs:

l. nicholas de lioncourt and noelle de lioncourt part 1


l. nicholas de lioncourt and noelle de lioncourt part 2


l. nicholas de lioncourt in 1988


other photos might follow...


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Idea for Pandemic Narrative

by   Nicholas de Lioncourt on February 24 2021 10:01 zulu

plot and narrative © 2021 l. nicholas de lioncourt


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Stephen King Is Quite An Accomplished Comedian

by   Nicholas de Lioncourt on January 14 2021 08:50 zulu

I am quite excited, after I have finished the tome, to write about Stephen King's experiment in comedic absurdism. While "Danse Macabre" offered intriguing analyses of the horror genre, his work "On Writing" overflows with risible satire camouflaged as the "right way to write".More...


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How I would restore Doctor Who after Chibnall

by   Nicholas de Lioncourt on February 23 2019 12:14 zulu

Peter Capaldi was the final TRUE Doctor Who
(... originally a private May 2018 entry in my personal writing journal; copied herein with limited abridgement.)

In the 1970s and 1980s, children - that is to write, those misfits of youthful social strata - could be classified according to their fantastical passions: Star Wars, Star Trek, Comic Book Super Heroes, et al., yet through some congenital eccentricity (I assume this to have been the same cosmic antic that manifest me as a Depeche Mode and Visage fan), I did not enjoy comic books and thought the Superman movies nonsensical.

While I shared common enthusiasm for Star Trek and Star Wars, not once did I envision myself giving commands aboard the Enterprise or running through swamps of Dagobah with a verdant raisin instructing me in the ways of The Force.


I wanted to be Doctor Who. I wanted to live in the TARDIS.

Unfortunately, living in the South-Eastern United States, I had no one with whom to share my devotion, to role-play as Tom Baker or Peter Davison, to discuss the latest episodic events; no, and not until the ascendency of the Internet did I know there had been many other social oddities like me - others with passion for Doctor Who - others whom the technical limitations of my own childhood made inaccessible in those influential and lonely years.




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