The People may own any weapon given the military

by   Nicholas de Lioncourt on May 31 2022 06:46 zulu

The United States' 2nd Amendment states '... shall NOT be infringed...'; notwithstanding the modernity of the firearms.

If the founders, as the imbecile leftists (redundant) assert, did not intend the 2nd Amendment encompass contemporary ordnance as the AR-15; then, the First Amendment (that is to write for victims of public school indoctrination, freedom of speech) applies to no modern technology; since neither the Internet, cellular phone, email, nor television existed concurrent the drafting of the Bill of Rights.

As the 2nd Amendment incontrovertibly implies no limitation, no condition; I promote as manifest that each citizen of the United States has the unalienable right to possess any and all weaponry permitted the military, and Open-Carry, the Castle Doctrine & Constitutional-Carry should become a Constitutional Amendment - without condition.

Our founding documents establish our Rights are given by birth, not by the government; given by birth in opposition to the State, to be defended even to the abolishment of the State.

F**k each Leftist to the Hells of their Mediocrity and Nihilism. I will never submit.


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