L. Nicholas de Lioncourt and Noelle de Lioncourt Part 2

by   Nicholas de Lioncourt on August 26 2020 04:32 zulu

For Family Part 2: Photographs of Us (be patient as they load and just right-click, then 'open in new tab' or 'save as').

Once saved to your PC, please do not zoom into these photographs to see my flaws (...& they be many); Noelle, none.


Noelle de Lioncourt, 2018 May 29 (taken by Nicholas de Lioncourt)

Noelle de Lioncourt, 2018 May 29 (taken by Nicholas de Lioncourt).


From Left - Noelle's Grand-Mother (Rose-Marie Mendez), Noelle de Lioncourt, Cousin (Cheryl) and Aunt (Sharan)

Noelle's Grand-Mother, Noelle de Lioncourt, Cousin and Aunt (taken by L. Nicholas de Lioncourt)


L. Nicholas de Lioncourt 2016 November 14 taken by Noelle

L. Nicholas de Lioncourt, 2016 November 14 (taken by Noelle).


L. Nicholas de Lioncourt when still an artist in 1994

L. Nicholas de Lioncourt, the artist era 1994. Yes, before De Lioncourt, LLC., and before my career in technology, I was a fine artist. In the photograph, I had just started this acrylics on board artwork, and at this stage the piece was still a vastly incomplete underpainting. I had aspired to combine the Pre-Raphaelite style, with some elements rendered almost impressionistic and others, hyper-realistic. Why I ended this stage of my life so abruptly; almost overnight, is a complex narrative on the mutability of the mind, facing truths about yourself, and the advent of the Internet.


The work in the next photograph is a completed piece demonstrating my style. This was to be part of a series featuring abbey ruins - in this piece a stained-glass cloister. Created using acrylics applied with brushes, toned with Iwata airbrushes, on sealed 3-feet wide x 4-feet tall hardboard, 1995.

L. Nicholas de Lioncourt with finished piece, when still an artist in 1995

Artwork © 1995 L. Nicholas de Lioncourt, designer and creator. Yes, I removed as much of my face as possible! For the spotlights to emphasize; not glare on, the art, the glare was focused on my face just as I made a funny - and hideously silly - expression.


L. Nicholas de Lioncourt, now-and-then, 1986 and 2011

L. Nicholas de Lioncourt, 1986 and 2011. I discovered my forgotten denim jacket, and took a now-and-then portrait. On the left, the white cat was one of my many rescues; and in the 2011 photograph, my still-with-me puppy-cat, Bailey.

(yeah, my hair... was AWESOME in the 1980s: blonde streaks atop luxurious black and auburn locks crowing dark facial stubble. No, perhaps not up to modern standards of style; nonetheless, attracted the girls, and at that age, what else mattered? Hate the vintage game; not the vintage player).


Part I Is Here

Addendum: A 2021 Updated Photograph Is Here


l. nicholas de lioncourt in 1988



other photos might follow...


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