The Fallacies of Voting ID Opponents

by   Nicholas de Lioncourt on April 13 2021 06:53 zulu

Oh the uninspired Fallacies of Voting ID Opponents - the simplicity of simple-minded PREVARICATORS, SO EASILY DEFEATED.

Since I was already writing, I spent - at most - 14-minutes imagining and drawing a voter identification process using existing, and free, federal requirements.

(small version; a readable version is at the end of this entry)


Although certainly not a professional effort, if I could render this extemporaneous exercise in less than a quarter-hour; the risible arguments of Voter ID detractors are both duplicitous and invalid.


For WHAT HIDDEN REASON(S) does the Left in the U.S., oppose voter identity verification at the polls? This is rather antithetical considering the Left incessantly cites the superiority of Canadian, European, Mexican, etc., political policies and regulations...

Yet -

An effortless - even passive - reading of the Wikipedia entry VOTER IDENTIFICATION LAWS (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Voter_identification_laws) affirms that these same ENLIGHTENED NATIONS require photographic ID to vote - some even maintain a national database of voters:

→ In BRAZIL, voters must present an official identity document with photo,
→ In CANADA, voters must prove their identity and address,
→ In FRANCE, voters must prove their identity to vote,
→ In GERMANY, a national voters database & voters must show photo ID,
→ In ICELAND, voters must present photo ID,
→ In ISRAEL, there is a national voters database and photo ID is required,
→ In ITALY voters are required to present a photo ID,
→ In MEXICO, voter ID is required,
→ In the NETHERLANDS, voters must present a piece of photo ID,
→ etc. &c. &c


Certainly, conduct your own fact-checking - the Left; as expected, suffers pathological lying to conceal another furtive campaign.


Oh, and opponents conveniently neglect to mention that in SWEDEN, "... every voter must provide a valid identification document (such as a passport, drivers license, or an ID card from the Swedish Tax Agency)..."


Within a minute - a minute - I realized the existing, free USA-issued Social Security Card could be used as identity validation; after all:

→ Application for a United States Social Security Number is an existing federal requirement.
→ A Social Security Number validates citizenship status, easily validated in real-time against a consistently updated table.
→ Using the Social Security Number is appropriate for voting, a government function.
→ The United States Social Security card has no photograph of the voter.
→ There are many ways to receive a FREE Social Security card before voting (in person, phone call, online, postal mail, etc.)
→ Every level of government, from local to federal, already requires disclosure of a Social Security Number.
→ The validation of a Social Security Number need not expose the voter's choices.
→ The validation of a Social Security Number ensures 1-vote-1-person.
→ The service(s) validating a Social Security Number can be designed to expose no PII.

Have I emphasized that a FREE Social Security card can be obtained by each citizen through phone call, in person, online, by postal mail, etc?

Here is the larger version...


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