federal Government to subvert State sovereignty

by   Nicholas de Lioncourt on August 12 2021 01:48 zulu

[EDIT 2021 08 13 - Authoritarians are so predictable - see news article at the end of my original August 11th assessment...]

For the Nth wave of this fauxdemic, the federal State has openly announced plans to subvert States' sovereignty; while considering the simplicity of Biden's dictatorial senescence, I realized a few likely choices through which this could be achieved - of these: the 1979 federalization of the school system, as well as interstate commerce and travel.

The states had better act quickly, or the People rise up in both defiance and en masse.


Further, the citizenry of each state needs to form alliances and reverse the 1979 formation of the National Department of Education, which violates the intent and purpose of 'states'; that is, ensuring competition among states to attract people and businesses.


With a centralized government enforcing states' compliance to a federal homogeneity; not only is competition exterminated, the states become banal variations of one another, without identity, without innovation, without attraction.


[EDIT 2021 08 13 18:03 - This was just released. In this case, being right is not an accomplishment; rather, infuriating. Through this strategy, the federal authoritarians will ensure the denial of supplies and services into and out of TARGETED STATES. Yes, this is the same method by which Joseph Stalin starved MILLIONS in the Holodomor Ukrainian Famine.]


Empty eyes so dilated, all intelligence escaped...


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