The Violent Cultural Insurrection of the marxist Left

by   Nicholas de Lioncourt on October 17 2021 08:36 zulu

Now, consider this:

Leftist Climate Change Extremists Storm the Department of the Interior
aoc satire 2021 by L. Nicholas de Lioncourt

What more must the marxist Left do

Since the January 6th, 2021 protest - the State created 'Insurrection' propaganda (link) - the marxist Left has divested all pretenses to persecute, intimidate, and immure their opposition to unimagined extremes of surveillance and injustice, including incarcerating political prisoners in solitary confinement for month after month.

Yet, when fellow Leftists violently stormed and took over the U.S. Department of the Interior building on October 15, 2021; injuring law enforcement and members of security, the marxist Left applauded and excused their own 'Insurrection', mocking and daring their opponents to voice one comparison to the January 6th, 2021 protest, or call for equal justice under the law.

Leftist Climate Change Extremists Attempt Insurrection and Storm the Department of the Interior


The marxist Left is no longer concerned with dissimulation.

What else must the Left do until the other half of U.S., society; their targets and victims, finally understands this stopped being simple political disagreement long ago, finally understands the Leftists' ambitions are enduring and committed? What more? Their assaults will only escalate. The Left aspires to complete and absolute authority over every aspect of life - nothing - nothing, from the natural right of self-defense to personal self-determination - will exist beyond their control.


The Left wants revenge.

The Left wants subjugation.

The Left wants despotism.

The Left wants their opposition not defeated; rather, dead. Exterminated.


As of this writing, in my estimation, The United States has reached a denouement. The U.S., arose a society unified, yet unified no more. One society has bifurcated into diametric cultures; whose principles, values, and objectives may never again co-exist within one nation, under the same rule of law. There no longer remains opportunity for compromise or common ground.

The election of Republicans will pose no hindrance, since the U.S. is ruled by a uniparty in which Republicans have become nearly indistinguishable from the Left; further, political elections have become fictitious mockery.

The moment has been reached: to paraphrase Benjamin Franklin's 1754 political cartoon, 'Join, or Die' has become 'Separate, or Die'.

I hope both sides concede these truths, and choose a peaceful cultural divorce.

Leftist Climate Change Extremists Attempt Insurrection and Storm the Department of the Interior


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