The Military - Woke - Cultural Marxism I

by   Nicholas de Lioncourt on July 07 2021 01:55 zulu

Article with Joint Chiefs of Staff Chair Mark Milley's direct quote

(Image prepended 2021-07-30)


In the screenshot of the article (beginning of this entry), Joint Chiefs of Staff Chair Mark Milley employed a psychological tactic of concurrent, furtive promotion of doctrines by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, Chinese communist revolutionary Mao Tse-Tung, and Vladimir "Lenin" Ilyich Ulyanov; all variations on, to simplify, socialist and communist totalitarianism.

I will not engage the specious (and apologist) argument that I am certain will be used to mitigate his admission: "… fake news, man, he said he wasn't a communist, dude. He's only read them to, like, understand their methods, an' like, there's some good ideas in there."

Of the countless forms of governance, from aristocracy to statism to laissez-faire capitalism, out of what nonsensical randomness does Joint Chiefs of Staff Chair Mark Milley choose only works of communism?

First understand that Joint Chiefs of Staff Chair Mark Milley employed a psychological manipulation "minimization", a manipulation nearly ubiquitous today, a manipulation of downplaying the impact of a campaign, crime, action, or intent through understatements, humor, lampoon, hyperbole, etc.

As example, this paraphrase of how he used "minimization": "… yeah, I study communist doctrines, but look, I'm admitting this out in the open! I'm not hiding anything… so, obviously I'm not a communist. You'd be crazy, even slanderous, to call me a communist…"

Yet, why are military leaders suddenly implementing "woke" tenets through re-education, mandate, procedural rule, and media?

Very simple… onto the short part 2


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