Absence of Strategy empowered BIG TECH censorship

by   Nicholas de Lioncourt on January 13 2021 14:46 zulu

So how was the fight against election fraud a failure?


Since the November 2020 election, the conflict against alleged fraud has been conducted with nonsensical incompetence.

The January inauguration represents not the triumph of Joe Biden - a fraudulent triumph is still a loss - rather, the chaotic ineptitude of his opposition; President Trump et al., who pursued justice with complete - no, transcendent - absence of strategy, coordination, and persuasion.

Expressing such a judgement will; I am certain, elicit the outrage of reactionaries & the rapture of demagogues.

→ Truth is not vindicated through outrage or hope.

Still, I will not deny the Truth. I defer my opinions to the intimidation of No One. My immutable tenets include that true strength arises from an unhesitatant courage to accept responsibility for mistakes and admit failure; so, to deny this election FAILURE would be hypocrisy of hopefulness.

→ Personal opinions are raindrops hoping to overwhelm the ocean.


So how was the fight against election fraud a failure?

I might write of other examples, but HERE IS ONE MASSIVE, CONTRIBUTORY FAILURE OF MANY:

As I write this, January 13th 2021, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, Spotify, Twitch, Shopify, Stripe, TikTok and Youtube - again, 'BIG TECH' - have permanently banned President Donald Trump and his notable defenders; and while, yes, these proscriptions are collusion and suppression, they DO NOT violate the 1st Amendment, whose prohibitions apply only to Congress.

In response to a loss blamed on election fraud; President Donald Trump, his notable defenders, and tertiary supporters have sounded the clarion of repression that 'BIG TECH' has silenced their voices with a demonstration of monopolistic tyranny.

Yes, 'BIG TECH' employed authoritarian censorship to silence the opposition and intimidate supporters.

But President Trump's defendants only have themselves to blame...

For years prior to the November 2020 election, President Trump and his supporters warned about the impending election fraud and technocratic totalitarianism.

Once the election fulfilled their Cassandran prophecies, President Donald Trump and his defenders announced their evidence and plans to the masses USING THESE VERY SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORMS; until forcibly silenced.


Hold on...


Am I to understand that: for years preceding the Election, they warned that Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc., would act with unanimity to suppress open dialogue; and then - then -

↪ PLANNED NO ALTERNATES to minimize their complete reliance on these same platforms to announce their defense, resistance, and plans to ⁑⁑ OVERTURN ⁑⁑ the election victory of the very candidate whom these platforms supported?

Over those four years, no one in President Trump's team thought that - perhaps - just maybe - an absolute dependency on Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube might not be a good idea?

The analogy uppermost in mind is World War II - this would as if the United States and Britain relied completely on the NAZI communications platform to announce their strategy to the other allied nations - only to react with outrage and disbelief when their NAZI enemy silenced them.

Complete reliance on Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube - without any strategic alternative - was an unforgivable single-point-of-failure that contributed the success of an election stolen.




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