Exhibit DCLXVI the COVID Delta Variant Is a scam

by   Nicholas de Lioncourt on August 09 2021 12:42 zulu

PERHAPS you narcissistic Karens and beta-male Marxists might attempt some gaslight explanation of this...

satire image created by l. nicholas de lioncourt 2021. free, only if non-profit, usage allowed.

From July, into and beyond August... resurrected mask mandates... ad hominem attacks for non-compliance... vaccines protecting no one... social distancing... over this malignant 'delta' variant of COVID.

Lies. Another Alinsky campaign by the Left - and just after I finished ignoring every mandate from the first! (amusing how mandates wither against my non-compliance)

For the week up to August 6th 2021, Obama and his merry Marxists employed the mass media to conceal hundreds - HUNDREDS - of MASKLESS celebrants within a massive succession of fully-closed tents for Obama's 60th birthday - tents financed and built to prevent video and photographic evidence of the deceit, exposure of the COVID propaganda.

Since then, Obama et al., have issued attacks, threats, and proscriptions against anyone who attempted to publish and expose this leftist hypocrisy.


Notwithstanding this...

The leftists will excuse YET ANOTHER SANCTIMONY by asserting every illogical excuse, indulge ignoratio elenchi, until only their red-face polemics remain. The pathetic imbeciles.

The 'progressive' regressive Marxist Left: each of whom should have begun and ended life in Dad's discarded prophylactic.





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