My Prediction for the 2020 Presidential Election

by   Nicholas de Lioncourt on October 19 2020 08:09 zulu

With a few weeks to go, my Prediction for the 2020 Presidential Election (LNDL 2020-10-19); if and only if the election incurs no controversies or allegations of fraud.

Yes, well worth consideration - as likely - is the probability of voter fraud in favor of Joe Biden, which I believe inexorable. I will take a chance in predicting collusion in Pennsylvania, Georgia, and North Carolina - possibly Nevada or some mid-west state as well. For what reason? The aforementioned three have received significant attendance at Trump campaign rallies; additionally, Trump will hold these in Michigan. Michigan? I have no idea the reason.

When I considered the massive attendance at these events; including impromptu rallies conducted by the voters themselves, Trump has overwhelming support in these states, which if left unaltered, will defeat Biden. If there is to be collusion and fraud, these determinant states would become the epicentres of deceit.

Perhaps not, yet if any evidence of fraud is discovered notwithstanding against whom, the United States will be on a slow but resolute path to bifurcation.


My Prediction for the 2020 Presidential Election


My Prediction for the 2020 Presidential Election


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