Authoritarian Censorship Continues - How To Fight Back?

by   Nicholas de Lioncourt on October 10 2021 09:32 zulu

I created the 'Censorship Times' on September 30th as satire and exhibit of the continuous Domestic Cold War the Authoritarian Left has engaged against Freedom of Speech (the Leftist version, 'Freedoom of Speech'), Due Process, Privacy, Illegal Search & Seizure, etc.

The incentive for my graphic was the inspirational - or rather, profane - article:


the leftists assault on free speech


Understand, Reader, their Censorship has neither end nor limit. As long as the opposition remains passive; until dragged out into the streets, they will not stop. Simply, the Leftists' Objective is a servile populace who thinks as mandated, labors as mandated, sacrifices as mandated; and if advantageous, dies as mandated.

Emboldened by successive - regressive - Acts of Censorship, after just nine days Google has announced the latest expansion against Wrong Think:


the leftists continuing assault on free speech


(translated: de-monetized - Google will earn revenue from the video but the video creator will earn nothing.)

Hmmm... What if the Leftists' Domestic Cold War inspired a work of... fiction?

If I were writing a technological thriller - fictitious, of course - based upon current events, a critical reference for the story would be the strategic guide with which the Left organizes and designs campaigns: Saul Alinsky's 'RULES FOR RADICALS'.

The Left's successes have been their enemies' ignorance of this work; but once understood and the tactics therein assumed and intensified against them, the Left is rendered uninspired, predictable, and impotent. The entirety of the Left is a mass-media supported façade of menace protecting a collective of fragile, tissue-paper warriors.

Each member of the Left's dry-rotted family tree is a vulnerable leaf that trembles against the slightest breeze.

One essential Alinskyian tactic by the Left is 'OVERWHELM THE SYSTEM'. You, Reader, have witnessed this very tactic as the Southern Border Crises, the BLM Riots, Occupy Wall Street, the 2020 Presidential (s)Election, 2,700 pages of the Obamacare Bill (PPACA), and as of this writing, the 2,700-page Biden Infrastructure Bill (notice the tactic here - BOTH 2,700-page bills designed to OVERWHELM any reader?)

Overwhelm. Overwhelm. Overwhelm.

Again, in my fictitious, technological thriller, the protagonist would organize others into a considerable opposition to exploit the limitations of every client-server architecture; notwithstanding how massive or well-funded, and OVERWHELM the algorithms and processes of censorship through unceasing, persistent uploading & reuploading censored content until the 'SYSTEM' is deluged into failure.

Fictitious, of course.


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