After more than a year of masks the State wants more

by   Nicholas de Lioncourt on July 30 2021 00:20 zulu

More than a year of these nonsensical, duplicitous mask mandates (15 Days to Stop the Spread) over some Criminal-Fauci-Taxpayer-Funded-China-Bio-Engineered flu variant with over a 99% survival rate; the State believes it has the authority to impose another year of mask mandates on the citizens...

Massive protests in Australia, Italy, France, etc. &c., are precursors to the opposition that will confront this tyranny - opposition that will eliminate every member of this oppression.

That State had better prepare to enact war against the citizens.


By the way... I have no intention to comply, when I never complied in the first place.


Just the re-start in these final days of July 2021...

To hell with the moronic crone Nancy Pelosi


















Yeah, I know you socialist/Marxists read this and hate me; well, I never cared about the opinions of entitled imbeciles, whose minds are as weak as their bodies. I do not hate you... no, I just profoundly despise you for your very existence and would concede no diplomacy that does not end with you as yard mulch, and me holding a rake.



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